A Dog is a Man's Best Friend is a song from The Sooty Show and then remade in the Sooty & Co. series. It appeared in the episodes Sooty wants a Pet and Pulling the Wool.


Who do they say is a man's best friend, do you know?
Who do they say will stay with you for life?
It isn't a cat - I can tell you that!
It isn't a bird - that's really absurd!
It isn't a fish - they're a real cold dish!
It isn't a mule - don't be a fool!

Who can it be then who's faithful and true
Once you've made friends, he will always love you
It won't come as a big surprise
Think of the trust in those big brown eyes
Cold wet nose, superhuman ears
Man has said for a thousand years -

A dog is a man's
A dog is a man's
A dog is a man's best friend

Who do you know who'd give his life to save yours?
Who do you know who's show you more respect?
It isn't a duck - Ha! No such luck!
It isn't a rat - don't even talk about that!
It isn't a worm - they can make you squirm!
It isn't a goose - they can be rather obtuse!

Who can it be then we're talking about
Any dog owner will be in no doubt
Champion or a family pet
It isn't important what breed you get
Backyard mutt, or a winner of shows
This is a fact everybody knows -

A dog is a man's
A dog is a man's
A dog is a man's best friend!


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