"You sound like a disgustaresaurus!"
"What's a disgustaresaurus?"
"You are! Now either stop eating those sausages..."
"But it's my in-between snacks snack!"
"Or go and eat them somewhere else. All that slurping and chomping is making me feel sick!
Scampi, Sweep and Soo
A Knight at the Theatre

Jon Doyle


Jon Doyle


Jimmy Hibbert

Air date

12th January, 1998

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Mars, She's Making
Eyes at Me

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A Knight at the Theatre is the second episode of the second series of Sooty's Amazing Adventures.


Sooty saves Sweep from the ghost of Sir Ray Fanshawe, the former owner of the theatre who has a fear of sausages after he was buried alive in them, and as gratitude, the ghost offers them tickets to a magic show that's taking place 100 years in the past. Unfortunately, when Sooty takes part in the show and conjures up an elephant, it runs amok and the gang must stop it.



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