"Sooty, look me right in the eyes and shout at the top of your voice: 'Hey, Jimmy, it's a braw bricht moonlit nicht the nicht'!"
A Magical Voice

Alan R. Yardley


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

John Bird as himself


Brian Sandford
Peter Saxon
John Seaton

Air date

November 22nd, 1993

A Magical Voice is an episode from the first season of Sooty & Co.


Sooty and Sweep are bouncing round the bedroom on their pogo sticks and Soo tries to stop them and tells them Matthew has a cold, but Sooty thinks he's laying it on a bit thick. Matthews rings his bell for Soo to come and tells her that his cold is better, but that he's lost his voice. Soo tells Sooty about Matthew and he tries to search for his voice, but misunderstands what Soo means and they go and see him. Matthew thinks he can use his computer to speak, but Soo doesn't think it's a good idea. Sweep's singing in the bath, but he doesn't like his own voice and Soo wants to stuff a sock in his mouth to stop his singing. Sooty and Little Cousin Scampi build a voice box and they hope it will be more successful in getting Matthews voice back then his medicine. Sweep starts crying because he doesn't like his voice and Soo gives him a few voice lessons.

Sooty and Little Cousin Scampi finish adding everything to their voice box and go to try it out on Matthew. He takes a deep breathe in the facemask and his voice returns to normal. Sweep decides to have a go, but ends up talking with Soo's voice and vice versa. A man comes in the shop and shows everyone some different voices he's selling, which work by sniffing different tubes with different voices in and Sooty starts talking using one of them and starts telling Matthew what's on his mind. Matthew wakes up and realizes he's had a weird dream, but his voice is back again, so he's happy.



  • Two Learn with Sooty Videos can be seen on the shelves when the voice salesman comes in.


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