"This is the wrong alarm clock. This isn't mine, this is Sweep's!"
"I must have picked up the wrong bits!"
"The wrong bits? Hang on a minute, how many alarm clocks have you ruined today, Sweep?"
"I've lost count!
Matthew and Sweep
A Very Special Day

Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

A Very Special Day is an episode of The Sooty Show.


It's a very special day in the Sooty household, but Matthew is still asleep - that is until Sooty, Sweep, and Soo wake him up using a air horn! It turns out that Matthew has agreed to take the gang to the seaside, but he isn't sure where to go.

Soon everyone is packing their cases but Soo's taking too many unnecessary items including, pots, pans, an iron, and even a hoover. Sweep has packed nothing but bones and Sooty has only packed a magic wand. But, with some help from Matthew, they are soon completely finished packing.

Later, Matthew confirms that they are going to the beach and they all get into the car. Unfortunately, Matthew isn't very good at map reading and, after going around in circles, they arrive at a rubbish dump. Matthew then decides to concentrate on the driving and puts Sooty, Sweep, and Soo in charge of the map. However, it turns out that they're not very good at reading maps either as they arrive back at home. By now it's very late, and Sooty, Sweep and Soo are very upset, but Matthew has an idea. He prepares them a picnic supper, a sandpit, and even a cassette player that plays seaside sounds. He also promises that, the next day, he'll blow up a paddling pool for them as well. Everyone is very happy and Matthew proves that you don't have to go away to have a fun time.



  • In many shots of the car, you can see a black blanket behind the puppet's seats hiding the puppeteers. This is most noticeable when the pull away from the house.


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