Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
John Seaton
Sallie Corbett

Air date

31st October 1994

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Breakdown is the ninth episode of the second series of Sooty & Co.


Soo's toy car has broken down so she's stuck waiting for help and Sooty comes to help out, but has to take it back to the garage and Soo gives him some chocolate buttons as a token of her appreciation. Matthew can't get a toy car to work, so Sweep says he'll have a look at it, but he's already asked Sooty to look at it and he makes it work again. Matthew suggests that Sooty should start his own breakdown service and gives him some chocolate buttons for getting it working. Little Cousin Scampi's car has broken down and it's upside down, so Sweep tries to help, but however much he tries he cant move the car as Little Cousin Scampi has screwed it down and finds it very funny. Sweep gets his own back on Scampi by chucking his toy tow truck at him. Matthew's sad because they're spending more than they're earning and Sooty's got a good idea to earn more money and wants to start a breakdown service. Sweep and Scampi also want to run a breakdown service, but Matthew doesn't think they could run a real break down service. Matthew gives Sooty a teapot to mend and Sweep and Scampi a mechanical toy rabbit to mend, while he has a tea break, but not everything goes to according to plan. Matthews happy because Sooty's mended his teapot, but he's glued the lid down so he can't use it and he's glued down the teapot to the desk, so Matthew asks how he'll move it and Sooty breaks it up again.

Sweep and Little Cousin Scampi tell Matthew that they've got the mechanical toy rabbit working again, but show him a real rabbit instead. Matthew goes for a ride on his bike around Manchester, but ends up breaking down and calls his local breakdown service, but they'll take over 2 hours, so he calls Sooty instead. Then Sooty's camper van breaks down, so Matthew calls Sweep and Little Cousin Scampi to come and help them, but they forget to bring the tools to mend the van so they all end up going home with the professional breakdown service. Soo tells Matthew that shes fixed his pressure cooker and made him his favourite tea rice pudding, but it ends up going everywhere.


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