Brian Blessed (born in Mexborough, Yorkshire, England, UK, October 9th, 1936) is a British actor who is best known for his booming voice. He has guest starred in Sooty & Co., Sooty Heights and the second series of Sooty. Other credits include "Z-Cars", "The Avengers", "Peppa Pig", "Flash Gordon", "Family Guy" and much more.


  • He is the only guest star to star in Sooty & Co., Sooty Heights and Sooty.
  • In Sooty & Co. and Sooty he played Father Christmas and in Sooty Heights he played a practical joker.
  • He has been known to play Father Christmas outside of his work with Sooty. He has often played him in various commercials (both live action and animated) and he has also voiced him (in polar bear form) in a Christmas special of "Danger Mouse".
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