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Brian Sandford with Sweep in The Big Day Out

Brian Sandford has been Sweep's puppeteer since May 1987.

Brian got the job as his father, who at that time was the theatre manager of The New Theatre in Hull, knew Matthew Corbett. Matthew had been taking his theatre tour to Hull for many years, and Brians' father took the opportunity to hand Matthew Brian's CV.

He makes cameos in both the feature-length special, The Big Day Out and the first episode of the 2011 series of Sooty, The Wedding. He can also be seen in the second series episodes The New Building where he dodges the runaway toilet and The Genie where he and Brenda Longman get ice-creams magicked into their faces by the Genie.

He was unavailable for the majority of the third series. However, he does work on the third episode, Who's Got Talent?.


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