Burglar Box

Stan Woodward


Stan Woodward


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
Peter Saxon
Richard Lockwood
Brenda Longman

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Burglar Box is an episode of The Sooty Show.


When Matthew has fears over security, Sooty designs a "Burglar Box". Valuables can be stored inside the device for protection, but Matthew tries to prove that it wouldn't beat a real burglar. After the box soaks and covers Matthew in paint, he is furious. After a wash and a change of clothes, Matthew is determined to smash the Burglar Box into a thousand pieces. What he doesn't know is that Sooty's inside.

The gang decides to pretend the Burglar Box has been stolen, with Matthew's five pounds still inside. They send him out with a transmitter which will trace the bug inside the box, but the bug isn't in the box, it's attached to a dog. Whilst, Matthew is chasing what he believes is the Burglar Box thief, Sooty, Sweep, and Soo are relaxing in a neighbour's pool.

Soon, Matthew returns to the house with the dog and is shocked to see the Burglar Box sitting on the table. He reaches in to retrieve his five pounds and finds Sooty on the end of it. To start with, Matthew is cross, but soon sees the funny side.




  • The dog, Label, is Matthew Corbett's dog in real life.


  • In a few shots of Matthew trying to beat the Burglar Box, the top of the set is visible and in one case, a studio light can be seen.
  • In the scene when Sweep tells Sooty and Soo he's attached the bug to Label, the end of Soo's puppet can be seen when they exit the shot.
  • In some of the shots at the swimming pool, the end of Sooty's puppet can be seen briefly.



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