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Butch is a bulldog who made a few appearances in The Sooty Show. He then made a couple of appearances in Sooty & Co. In Sooty Heights he appeared in two episodes, once as a guard dog and secondly as a pantomime. In the series entitled Sooty, Butch became a main character and appeared in almost every episode, but with a few slight redesigns to look more like a bulldog with his mouth being reskined to yellow, 2 large bucked teeth and a patch in the right eye in Series 1, in Series 2 and 3 he was redesigned again with patch for his right eye being removed and his bucks of teeth became smaller.

He then appeared in The Big Day Out feature-length special as a judge in a talent contest. Butch is the main 'baddie'. In the Sooty & Co. series he was an evil pirate in Matthew's dream and in The Sooty Show he appeared as a rival to Superdog (Sweep). In The Dance Competition, Butch was one of the judges.

According to the official website's message board, after the Sooty television series ended, Butch went to live in Guiseley with Matthew Corbett but has expressed a wish to appear in the new television series.


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