Camping Out

Alan R. Yardley


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
Peter Saxon
John Seaton

Air date

13th December

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Camping Out is the season finale episode for the first season of Sooty & Co.


Matthew tells Sooty about a scary stories book that Soo lent him and Sooty says they wouldn't frighten him because he's brave. Matthew doesn't believe him and tells about one of the stories called 'The Blob That' Craws and says that a huge blob of jelly slithers along like a great big slug and eats people and it makes a scraping noise when it attacks people. Sooty gets scared as he starts hearing a scraping noise, but its' only Matthew scraping a ruler on the desk. Sweep tells Soo that he's not frightened by scary stories and she tells him about 'The Blob That Crawls' and says that it taps people around the head with a feeding probe before it eats them, and Sweep feels something touch his head and runs away, but its' only little Cousin Scampi holding a drinking straw. Soo finds it funny that Sooty and Sweep aren't as brave as they make themselves out to be

Matthew asks why Sooty and Sweep haven't spent one night sleeping in the camper van and Soo thinks its because they're too frightened too, but Sweep says they're not and they've both decided to spend tonight in the Camper van. Soo bets that they wont, but Sooty and Sweep say they will. Sooty and Sweep decide which beds they want to sleep in, but Sweep keeps changing his mind. Matthew tells them to watch out for the 'Blob That Crawls'. Sooty gives Scampi his water pistol, a bag of jelly babies and his old boy scout compass and Sweep give him his favourite bone, a fruit drink and his precious binoculars. They say goodbye to Scampi and go to say goodbye to Soo who tells them they should take things that they need so Sooty and Sweep take everything back that they gave to Scampi before. They both have some lunch before they go and then study some maps, but Matthew thinks that they're too frightened to spent the night in the camper van, but they head off, but can't find a good place to park for the night so end up going back home again. Matthew can't believe it and Soo's not happy as no one said where Sooty and Sweep actually had to spend the night. And they'll only lose the bet if they leave the camper. Little Cousin Scampi plays a tape recording backwards which frightens them both and then they both go back inside. Matthew tells them that Little Cousin Scampi and Soo played a trick on them and that it wasn't the 'Blob That Crawls'.


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