"In fact, everyone got something to do with their collection - apart from one person."
"Who's that?"
"You, fathead!
— Matthew and Sweep

Stan Woodward


Stan Woodward


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
Peter Saxon
Brenda Longman

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Collecting is an episode of The Sooty Show from 1990.


Matthew is thrilled with the arrival of an envelope that he wrote to himself with no letter included. It becomes apparent that Matthew is thrilled with what's on the envelope; a French stamp. A keen stamp collector, Matthew urges Sooty, Sweep and Soo to start their own collections. Sooty decides to collect postcards, Soo collects pressed flowers and Sweep predictably collects bones.

After giving it more thought, Sweep decides to collect pressed bones. After Soo puts him off that, Sweep decides to collect something even more bizarre - water!

Later, up in the attic, Matthew is trying to fix an old hoover that blows dust instead of sucking it up. Sooty wants to see Matthew's stamp collecting. Matthew is more than happy to show his precious stamps to Sooty, but instructs accident-prone Sweep to stand back. Sweep can't resist fiddling with the broken hoover, causing dust to spew everywhere. Matthew then sneezes, knocking his precious stamps all over the floor along with Sweep's water collection. Matthew is very cross with Sweep for ruining many of his stamps.

Later on, Matthew persuades Sooty to take up a second collection. Sooty decides to collect coins and makes three magically appear to start his collection. Matthew recognises one of the old pennies and, thinking it may be rare, he and Sooty head into town in order to get it evaluated.

Later on, Sooty and Matthew return with an expensive-looking bottle of fizzy pop. The coin was worth quite a lot of money and, aside from some party food and the fizzy pop, there was enough money to buy each person something for their collection. Soo gets some pressed flowers in a glass frame, Sooty gets some postcards and Sweep gets a water pistol!



  • During the bathroom scene, Sweep is wet when he enters. Presumably this is because there was more than one take. In the same scene, Soo can be seen still wearing her skirt in the bath.




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