"Everything you touch either breaks or goes wrong."
— Matthew to Sweep

Driving Lesson

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Derek Deadman
as the Driving


John Seaton
Brian Sandford
Sallie Corbett

Air date

4 September 1995

Previous episode

Dog Trouble

Next episode

Clowning Around

Driving Lesson is an episode of Sooty & Co.


Sooty has lost his campervan keys and is looking all over for them. Scampi begins to annoy him, so Sooty turns him into plastacine models.

Sweep is feeling sad because he is not allowed to drive the camper van. Matthew decides to find someone who can give Sweep some driving lessons. After talking to ther rather strange driving instructor, Sweep takes control of a small mini car, and he eventually crashes it into a lake.

Matthew is watching all this and is getting a good laugh out of it all, claiming that he is a natural born driver. He demonstrates his skills around the driving course and he ends up crashing into the instructor's mini. The Instructor finally forgets to stay calm and chases Matthew all around the farm yard while Sooty and the gang laugh hysterically at them.



  • This episode is the first episode to feature the new logo.


  • It is unfair to say that everything Sweep touches either breaks or goes wrong; it has not always happened before or after this episode.
  • When Sweep falls down the stairs, he rolls over some of the same bits twice.
  • At one point, Sooty removes his work coat even though he and Soo have not yet finished their stock taking on the salt pots.


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