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Matthew Corbett

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Home Alone Sweep is the sixth episode of the second series of Sooty & Co.


Matthew, Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Scampi are going away for the weekend and they all pack everything for the trip, but poor Sweep gets left behind and hes home alone.

Sweep thinks that Matthew, Sooty and Soo will be very upset that they've left him behind, but then he wonders what if they don't discover that he's missing? Or that they might of left him home alone on purpose? Sweep's hungry and has a packet of jelly babies, crisps, sausages, chocolate, beans and cream buns.

Sweep plays with Sooty's water pistol, but he wonders if Sooty would allow him too if he was there with him and then he wonders what would happen if Scampi had Sooty's water pistol. Sweep hears a loud noise and thinks it might be a burglar so goes to investigate. Sooty climbs up a ladder to go to Matthew's room, but Sweep ends up pushing the ladder down on to the ground. Matthew then throws some building bricks at the window, but ends up getting covered in water. Then he tries to get the spare key just inside the letterbox, but his hand gets covered in blue paint. Finally he opens the door and walks inside, but trips over and falls head first into a bowl of blue paint. Sweep's happy as he thinks he's fought off a dangerous burglar, but Matthew is furious and goes to find Sweep, but ends up getting trapped in some rope hanging upside down from the ceiling. Soo thinks Sweep has been very clever and lets him eat anything he wants for supper and Sweep is very excited as he wants to have a packet of jelly babies, crisps, sausages, chocolate, beans and cream buns, while Matthew is left still trapped untill he calms down.

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