"Often the old ones are the best ones"
"That's just as well for you
Matthew and Sooty
Izzy Wizzy

Stan Woodward


Stan Woodward


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
Peter Saxon
Brenda Longman

Air date

15 October 1990

Izzy Wizzy is an episode from The Sooty Show in 1990.


Matthew is reading a book all about magic, thinking how he was always fascinated by magic, and the only one magician in the house is Sooty.

Meanwhile in Sooty's Bedroom, Sooty and Soo are doing a bit of reading which is peace and quiet expert that silly behaved Sweep, who was playing with a toy frog, but Soo doesn't like that, so she tell Sweep take the toy frog out of her part of the bedroom. Soo was right to be were of Sooty's magical powers, so Sweep decided annoyed Sooty with the toy frog, and as Soo feared Sooty uses his magic powers he turned the toy frog into a Sweep model, and he then turned Sweep into a frog. Then Matthew came in to see what Sooty and Soo are doing, and ask Sooty about his old magic tricks, and they were in the garage, so he will show them to Matthew.

In the garage, Matthew and Sooty found some really old tricks, Sooty want to show Matthew a couple of magic tricks, and they want see the disappearing red silk handkerchief, and with the help of Sooty's magic wand. Next they do a fishing magic trick, so Sooty uses a fishing rod that got a magnet on it, and he caught a couple of wooden fishes, and Sooty wants Matthew to have a go, but he caught a old shoe and Sooty gonna get the big one, but he eventually caught something big, it's a real gold fish and they can put him in a bigger tank and pop him in the lounge, Matthew asks Sooty that he's got any more magic tricks to show him. Suddenly over there Matthew and Sooty found his old magic box, so they decide to get the box cleaned up and then they give a magic show for Sweep and Soo in the lounge, that was a great idea.

In the lounge, Matthew ask Soo that Sooty's old magic box is lovely, Matthew was glad she's here but Sweep's not there and he's looking for Sooty who was hiding in the box until he pops up that surprised Matthew and Soo, and they are ready for the show, so Sooty and Matthew showed Soo, the coins through the glass trick, that has a very big glass which was a pint glass and a very little glass that have four coins inside, eventually Sooty throw the fourth coin right around the room until it landed through the little glass, and Soo makes a request to Matthew that Sooty would use his magic wand to turn this frog back into what he's supposed to be, while Sooty wave his magic wand, Matthew and Soo say the magic spell, he eventually turned the frog back into someone else, it was Sweep, and Matthew tell him that he want to see some more of Sooty's magic tricks, so Matthew and Sooty decide to showed Soo and Sweep the sawing the lady in half trick.

Back in Sooty's bedroom, Sooty is worn out so Matthew decides that he should have a early night, putting them once again through their classic bedtime problem routine. Then Soo suggests they sing him a lullaby full of magical bears.


  • Sooty
  • Sweep
  • Soo
  • Matthew


  • Lullaby for Teddy Bears


  • Stock footage from Sooty's Christmas Party and Watersports is used during the closing credits.


  • Whilst performing the penny through the glass trick, you can see Matthew pressing a button on the glass' stand making a penny pop up.




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