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Jigsaw is an episode of The Sooty Show.


Sooty, Sweep, Soo, and Matthew are all completing their jigsaw puzzles. Soo finishes hers, but poor Sooty can't finish his because one piece of the sky of his Jigsaw is missing. Little does he know that Scampi took it away as a practical joke.

Matthew has nearly finished his Jigsaw and only has one piece left until Sweep wants some pepper opened and sneezes it everywhere!

Sweep finally finishes his, but while Sooty is admiring his work, he finds his missing piece and blames Sweep. Despite Sweep's protests, Sooty throws a piece of Sweep's Jigsaw out of the window. After hearing from Soo about Scampi, Sooty leaves to get it back.

At the end Matthew finally pieces his Jigsaw together, but when he sniffs to smell a rose that Scampi gave to Soo, he isn't very happy!


  • Whilst looking for a piece of sky for his puzzle, Sooty finds a load of old toys in the attic; three of these are two wind-up Donald Ducks and a wind-up Fat Controller from ERTL's "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" range.