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"Sooty wants me to remind you that if you ever go near boats or water, you must make sure that you wear your proper life-vest. Even I was sensible enough to do that"
Messing About in Boats

Stan Woodward


Stan Woodward


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Alex Cox
Brian Sandford
Brenda Longman

Air date

November 22nd, 1988

Messing About in Boats is an episode of The Sooty Show from 1988.


Matthew has a win on the premium bonds and tells Sooty, Sweep and Soo that he is going to get a boat so they all get dressed up. Soo and Sooty are dressed as officers whilst Sweep is dressed as an old seadog. Matthew arrives home after buying the ship, which he shows them and it turns out he only bought a model boat! After making it, he then accidentally sits on it, and to cheer himself up Soo suggests that he should go and hire a real boat. Sooty hires a big cruiser, but, after hearing he smashed his previous boat, they give Matthew a rowing boat! In true Sooty Show fashion, Matthew ends up soaking wet!



  • The brochure Matthew holds up at the beginning is for a real company called Hoseasons which is still operating to the this day.


  • Whilst standing in the shower testing his waterproofs, Sweep's puppeteer's arm is visible.
  • In some shots of Sooty rolling his plastacine, you can see Matthew's arm going up into the puppet.
  • During the musical montage, just before Matthew is shown getting his model ship stuck to his fingers, they show a massive pile of sawdust. After the shot with Matthew, the pile has shrunk significantly.
  • When stood outside the boat-hire building, Matthew and Sooty are stood in the middle of the sign. However, in the following shot, they are suddenly over to the right (viewer's perspective) of the sign. This is so that Matthew can operate Sooty.