This page is for minor characters that appeared in the Sooty Heights series.

Mr. Whalley

"I will be the people's Whalley!"
— Mr. Whalley

Mr. Whalley owns a hardware store and is also a governor who dislikes dogs. He was played by Larry Dann.


Mrs. Frumpton

Mrs. Frumpton is a hotel inspector from P.O.S.H. (Particularly Outstanding Hotels). She was played by Helen Lederer.


The German Visitors

"I was told that the British were lazy!"
— One of the German visitors

The German Visitors were visiting to England who arrive at the hotel earlier than expected, in the middle of a stormy night where they are asked by Dotty to bed down in the dining room. Their visit causes a lot of problems involving Dotty being mistaken as a burglar. Two of the male tourists are played by Stefan Escreet and Richard Heap, the others are not credited and remain anonymous.


The Police Officer

"Can you go over to Fred's All-Night Café, Charlie? There's been a disturbance over the bill"
"The bill? I like The Bill!
— The sergeant alerting the police officer to a crime in progress

The Police Officer, real name Charlie, turns up at the hotel on one stormy night to arrest a suspected burglar. The burglar turns out to be Dotty who has only delivered some German tourists to Sooty Heights. The policeman is upset because he hasn't made an arrest in months but a call comes over his police radio which alerts him to a disturbance about an unpaid bill at a café and he leaves very hopeful that he will finally make an arrest. He was played by The Bill actor Ben Roberts.


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