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The Genie


The Genie was featured in Sooty's Magic Lamp. He is somewhat cranky. He talks in rhyme and will grant wishes. Each time he grants a wish, his hair changes colour. He was portrayed by Bernard Bresslaw.

The Photographer


The photographer was featured in Super Star where he was trying to get a photo and an interview with Sweep. He finally got into an argument with Matthew, resulting in Matthew getting a black eye. It is unknown who played him.

Auntie Gertrude


Auntie Gertrude is Matthew's aunt. In Star Gazing it was revealed she was staying in the Sooty House for a while and she was working as an astronomer. She is sometimes called Auntie Gertie even though she doesn't like the name. She was played by June Whitfield.

Simon Smartypants

"'Ere! How did you know that? You fluffy oven glove! Listen, I run this show - not you and don't you forget it!"
— Simon Smartypants getting annoyed with Sooty


Simon Smartypants was featured in the 1991 episode Only Joking. Simon Smartypants is a television presenter who has presented a few hidden camera-type shows. Only two shows were revealed and they were named "Smile with Smartypants" and "Giant Jokes". He loves playing jokes but when his joking backfires, he turns out to be a very bad-tempered sourpuss. He talks with a smarmy voice whilst he's presenting but he sometimes let's his real Northern accent show when he gets aggravated. He was portrayed by Roger Walker.

The Comedian

"Yes, the country will be run by a comedian! Mind you, there are those who say it already is! Ha! Ha! Ha! That's one! Ha! Ha! Ha! It's the way I tell 'em!"
— The Comedian

The Comedian appeared in the 1988 episode, Superdog and the Comedian. He is a crafty prankster from the planet Tarby who is the arch-rival of Superdog and his aim is to take over the world! He had the ability to drain people's brains using his brain-draining machine. Once their brain is drained, he can control people's actions and make them do silly things. After confronting him, Sooty finally sends him back to his own planet. He is also known for telling very corny jokes which Matthew describes as "torture"! He was portrayed by Derek Deadman who also appeared in the same episode as himself.