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Character Profile
Name Mo
Type of animal Human
Birthday Unknown
Hobbies Selling rubbish to Sooty & Co

Maureen Clinton, or Mo as she is better known, is a character in the Sooty & Co series and makes an appearance in The Big Day Out, and is played by Brenda Longman.


Mo is one of the shop's only customers, but to Matthew's disappointment, usually sells junk to the shop instead of buying. When she comes into the shop she usually calls '"Only me, Mo from t'Market!" Mo had a stall on the market, hence her greeting. In Sweep's Little Accidents, she says that she is the sole agent in the North of England for the Acme Water Pistol Company and she attempts to sell Sooty a new water pistol.

In the 2009 feature length special, starring Richard Cadell, she makes an appearance as a doughnut seller.

A working title (revealed in a blog post by writer Alex Skerratt) for the episode the Wedding suggests that she was originally to have had a role in that episode. However, she is absent from the entire 2011 series.


She was meant to make quite a few appearances in the 2011 series but she has been absent from it. It's not known how she got to Brean Sands from Sooty and Co for The Big Day Out.


She has a brother who appeared in Shop-Keeping, a brother named Maurice, a daughter named Sharon-Louise, and a grandson named Brain (he was to be called Brian, but it was mispelled on the birth certificate). She also has a nephew named Dwayne (as in Dwayne Pipe).