My Best Friends
is a children's compilation video. It features a clip from Sooty's A to Z of Animals.

Characters and Episodes

  • Noddy's New Friends
  • Rupert and the Knight
  • Rosie and Jim - Automata
  • Postman Pat's Birthday
  • The Herbs - The Chives Catch Cold
  • Fireman Sam - Brass Band
  • Revolting Rhymes - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Astro Farm - Astro Dragon
  • Spider comes to Stay
  • Super Ted Kicks up Dust
  • Pingu's Circus
  • Paddington - Do it Yourself
  • Sooty's A to Z of Animals (clip)
  • Tots TV - Hiccups (clip)


  • All of the programmes, except Sooty, show a whole episode. Sooty only shows a five minute clip because it was taken from Children's Pre-School Favourites.
  • The programmes were specially chosen by the person whose character was their favourite.


  • Noddy's New Friend has an 's' on the end of the title but Noddy only made one new friend in the episode.
  • The Chives Catch Colds is missing the 's' on the end of the title.
  • The back cover states that the Tots TV episode is "Camel", but instead an extract from the episode "Hiccups" is shown.
  • Scampi is mentioned in the intermissions but he does not appear in Learn with Sooty.