Paul Daniels (born as Newton Edward Daniels in South Bank, Middlesbrough, England, UK, April 6th, 1938 - March 17th, 2016) is a magician who guest starred along with his wife Debbie McGee in an episode of the 2011 series of Sooty named The Magic Show. He later appeared in the episode, Pizza to Go, uncredited.

Both Sooty and Daniels made the newspapers when the magician was supposedly injured and hospitalised after being hit with a pizza during filming of the episode "Pizza to Go". Paul Daniels later denied the claims that he was hospitalised and that the whole situation was blown out of proportion. Sooty has stated in the Daily Mail that since that day, the production crew has had to write up a risk assessment before such stunts should be acted out again.

Paul Daniels died on March 17th, 2016. He had a fall on February 20th and was taken to hospital where it was discovered he had an "incurable brain tumour". He was discharged from hospital and died just days later aged seventy-seven.


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