Peter Dickson (born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, June 23, 1957) is one of the most prolific voice artists on British television. He is perhaps best known for being the voice-over for "The X-Factor" and "Britain's Got Talent". Other credits include "The Price is Right", "Family Fortunes" and "Live at the Apollo" as well as being the voice-over man for the channel E4.

He is heard as the voice of Sooty in the second series episode of Sooty, The Genie. His voice is also heard as the announcer at the fireworks display in Fireworks.


  • He is, to date, the only guest star to appear twice and credited for it on Sooty.
  • He and Brenda Longman both appeared in the voice over special of "Pointless Celebrities". He also teamed up with Jon Briggs who used to do the voice over on "The Weakest Link", the game show where Brenda Longman played Soo for the puppet special and won.
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