Pizza to Go

Adrian Hedley


Richard Cadell
Alex Skerrat
Wink Taylor


Richard Cadell

Guest Starring

Brendan Cole as
Valentino Du Prado


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Mandy Glass

Air date

November 9th, 2011

Previous episode

The New Poster

Next episode

The Runaway Bath

Pizza to Go is the twenty-second episode of the 2011 series of Sooty.


Sooty and the gang are put in charge of Mr Slater’s Pizza Parlour, only Soo would rather be a top fashion designer like Valentino Du Prado. As things go from bad to worse in the kitchen, pizzas start flying off the shelves – literally. Perhaps a special visitor can lend a hand?



  • Paul Daniels, John Shuttleworth, Justin Lee Collins, and Frank Bruno all make uncredited appearances as themselves.
  • This episode has been in the news a couple of times, first when Paul Daniels was reportedly injured by a pizza and then John Shuttleworth said he tried to persuade the production staff to use something else like a hot-dog or burger or to not just cook the pizza so much. The situation later appeared in the "odd one out" round of the BBC1 show "Have I got News For You". Sooty has admitted in the Daily Mail that since then, the production crew has had to draw up risk assessments before such stunts should be achieved again.
  • Richard Cadell voices the man talking to Valentino on his mobile phone.
  • In a recent broadcast, Justin Lee Collins' shot was cut for some unknown reason.


  • In the shot of the camper van, Sweep appears to be face down on the dashboard.
  • The pizzas that land on the children's head aren't cooked like the ones that are being flung.
  • The man on the front cover of Soo's magazine is clearly not Valentino Du Prado.
  • When the gang first start delivering the pizzas, Sweep is missing his collar.


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