"You know, this cake is going to be lovely for Soo, a little bit gritty with the eggshell, but..."
— Richard

Poorly Soo

Jeremy Swan


Richard Cadell
Alex Skerrat
Wink Taylor


Richard Cadell


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Mandy Glass

Air date

September 5th, 2011

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The Farm

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The Souvenir Stall

Poorly Soo is the sixth episode of the 2011 series of Sooty.


Soo’s had an accident on her rollerskates and needs to stay in bed. Luckily Sooty and Sweep are on hand to bake Soo a cake, only with egg shells and pepper! Can Richard roll to the rescue, or is this another recipe for disaster?



  • The majority of the scenes in the kitchen were adapted from the old Harry Corbett episode "Sooty's Birthday Party".


  • When Sooty throws the flour away, a little bit goes on Richard's face, but in the next shot when he turns his head to answer Soo, the flour has vanished.
  • When Sooty puts down Soo's orange drink, the straw is behind her bed, but in the next shot the straw is facing her.
  • In the scene where Sooty and Sweep are "fixing" the sink, there is an empty glass on the counter but that keeps disappearing and plastic cutlery appears (the ones that Sweep sneezes away).
  • When Sooty reaches to turn the tap on after "fixing" it, the end of the puppet is visible.


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