"You can have some fun now if you like. After all, it is Christmas. And we can't have Christmas without snow!"
— Father Christmas
Pranks and Presents

Adrian Hedley


Wink Taylor


Richard Cadell

Guest Starring

Brian Blessed as
Father Christmas


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Martin Rose

Air date

December 1st, 2013

Previous episode

Panto Palaver

Next episode

The Garden Party

Pranks and Presents is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the second series of Sooty.


When the hook-a-duck stall runs out of prizes, Sooty hopes his teddy bear machine can solve all of their problems. But he gets a little extra help from a very special friend...




  • The cuddly toy machine sequence is adapted from a classic Sooty Show episode called "Cuddly Toys".
  • The set of North Pole and the room where they sit with Santa, is the same set as in the Sooty's Christmas Special DVD.
  • This and the other Christmas special this series are the first Christmas specials since 2001.
  • The present routine is taken from The Sooty Christmas Show and Christmas DVD


  • The jack-in-the-box is much more tilted when Sweep winds it up and it hits Richard's bottom.
  • When Richard puts the lid on the creature features machine it is not properly on, but in the next shot, it is.
  • In some of the shots at the North Pole, you can see fold marks on the backdrop.
  • In the song Snow Time, Soo suggests that the snow is "thanks to Sooty and his magic", but it was Father Christmas who magicked the snow.
  • In one shot, the entry sign, has "Cadells" on it, this is because in reality it is owned by Richard and his brother David, on television it's owned by Mr Slater, so Richard's name shouldn't be on there, unless Richard is the licensee of the park as Mr Slater isn't on location.
  • It's seems very sunny for the winter months, this is because, in reality, the episode was taped in the summer of 2013.
  • The sheet of felt is a lighter shade of yellow before the teddy-bears are finally manufactured.
  • Before Soo put the teddy-bears into the eye machine, the ears and noses were not black but when they came out they were, even though Soo only put eyes in the machine.


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