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"I know what's wrong with it."
"Oh goody-goody gum drops! Go on, surprise me. What exactly is wrong with it?"
"It's broken!"
"The skill of a brain surgeon.
— Sooty and Matthew
Raido Control Car

Stan Woodward


Stan Woodward


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Peter Saxon
Brian Sandford
Brenda Longman

Air date

September 19th, 1989

Radio Control Car is an episode from The Sooty Show in 1989.


High tech gadgets have made a sweep in Sooty's house; Sooty finds the remote control very useful for changing the station on the radio to something more interesting than Soo's opera station. Soo is also having fun with high tech devices: her key now has a sound activated alarm that goes off when you whistle and she has had an automatic tap device attached to the taps in the bath which makes them flow at the right temperature for a bath.

Matthew however is not getting on very well with high tech things: his automatic orange juice maker is not working properly and neither are his remote controls. His failures are making him very grumpy and nobody thinks he can last breakfast without moaning. Matthew is determined to prove everybody wrong, but he nearly breaks his promise when water starts pouring down on him from the celling. This would not be happening if Sweep had not come into the bathroom, taken a kennel off his head and brought it down with a thump next to the bath. Matthew soon mops up the kitchen and removes the tap device from the bath. Now Matthew is addiment that he is finished with high tech things for good.

Later Sooty, Sweep and Soo go and play with their latest high tech toy which they borrowed from a friend, a radio controlled car. Matthew finds the car and is so impressed that he has a go too. Then he suddenly accidently sits on the remote and breaks the aerial. Now the car has gone rogue and races off out of the house. Matthew, Sooty and Sweep give chase and follow the car all the way to the park. Inside a small cave, Sooty manages to re-tweak the car's circuits and gets it back under on control. Sooty then takes part in a race with the radio control cars belonging to the Seven Hampton Buggy Club.

Matthew is most impressed and the Buggy Club give them a new aerial for their car. Matthew is now back in favour of high tech gadgets and he and Sooty find a new use for their radio control car.



  • The scene where the bath water is leaking through the kitchen ceiling is later reused in the Sooty episode, Rainy Day.