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Character Profile
Name Scampi
Type of animal Bear (Teddy)
Birthday 24th September (All series except Sooty & Co)

1st April (Sooty & Co)

Hobbies Causing trouble

Scampi (also known as Little Cousin Scampi) is Sooty's cousin and appeared in The Sooty Show, Sooty & Co., and Sooty Heights as well as having a small role in the Sooty television series.

In the 2011 series, he only appears in the episode The Wedding, where he attends the imaginary wedding of Sooty and Soo. In the second series, he was part of a band that played at the children's disco in Disco Disco.

Voice Actors


  • Scampi was first introduced in 1990.
  • Like Sooty, Scampi can only talk in a very light whisper which can only be heard when someone puts their ear up to his mouth.
  • When asked if he would be appearing in the upcoming new series, Richard Cadell said that he will no longer be a main character as he is currently at boarding school, but he will (like Butch) pop up from time to time. He is now living back with his parents.
  • He has a Scottish cousin called McScampi, as revealed in Things That Go McSqueak in the Night from Sooty's Amazing Adventures.
  • When HiT Entertainment took over the franchise, they wanted the stories to centre on Sooty, Sweep, Soo, Butch, and Miki so it was decided Scampi should take a back seat, having very few background roles.
  • According to the Sooty & Co. episode Sooty's Magic Solutions, Scampi suffers from ergophobia, the fear of work.
  • For a long time in his early years, Little Cousin Scampi was depicted with a plaster on his cheek. But In 2002/2003, he has been seen without it.
  • In the Sooty Show, Scampi was originally depicted with grit on his clothes and soot on his face, but ever since Sooty & Co. started these trademarks have been removed.
  • From 1990 to 2000, he was a main character in the Sooty series. Since 2001, he has become a minor character.


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