"Look what you've done now! You've smashed Richard's china cup!"
"Do you think he'll notice?
— Soo and Sweep
Some Holiday

Adrian Hedley


Alex Skerratt


Richard Cadell


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Martin Rose

Air date

November 16th,

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Some Holiday is the twenty-first episode of the second series of Sooty.


When Sooty and the gang win a luxury holiday, none of them can wait to get packing. But with Sweep trying to mend the broken china, and Richard stuck on the phone, will they ever get away?



  • The limousine's number plates have been blurred out.
  • Soo's voice artist Brenda Longman and wardrobe and make-up supervisor Wendy Abrahamsprovide the telephone operators' voices.
  • The names mentioned on the phone are references to people who work on the show: Julie, puppeteer Joolz Clough; Brian, puppeteer Brian Sandford; Martin, puppeteer Martin Rose; and just before Richard hangs up the name Adrian can be heard which is a reference to director Adrian Hedley.
  • The sketch with the newspaper at the start of the episode is reused from the Sooty & Co. episode, Estate Agents.
  • The boomerang and Sooty's hats is referring to The Sooty Show's episode Down Under.


  • In reality, Richard wouldn't had to contact about the prize ,the newspaper would have contacted Richard about winning a prize.
  • The name "Cadell's" can be seen on the park's entrance. This is because, in reality, the park is owned by Richard and his brother David.
  • Richard's newspaper oddly seems to be only made up of one page.
  • In numerous episodes since Down Under, we have seen the gang go away, so how has the suitcase not been used since?


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