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Sooty's Amazing Adventures is a short-lived Sooty & Co. spin-off. It only lasted for two series. It was produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Sooty Ltd. and Meridian Television.


Sooty and his friends magic themselves into "human-form". They are residing at the Fanshawe Theatre in a British coastal town called Brighton and Hove. The stage's trap-door can transport them magically to anywhere in the world (but it often makes mistakes).

Apart from the many friends Sooty and the gang meet on their adventures, there are two recurring characters, one named Katarina, an aged, well spoken Persian cat who doesn't stand for nonsense and often criticises the gang's conduct, and one named Captain Fogbound, a hot air balloon pilot who is courting Katarina and speaks with a stereotypical RAF pilot voice.


Series 1

Series 2

Voice cast


  • Scampi and Sweep both speak with normal voices in this series.
  • Soo is not voiced by Brenda Longman.
  • Each episode was approximately eleven minutes long.
  • Dave Corbett, who provides the music for Sooty & Co., also provides the music for this spin-off, using the "EMU Proteus 2 Orchestral."
  • Rob Rackstraw later provided the voice of Ramsbottom and Butch in Sooty Heights.
  • The Roman Numerals at the end of every episode are incorrectly written; The first C in MCMXCVI (1996) and MCMXCVII (1997) are misspelt with another X.
  • In the second series, despite maintaining his silence, Sooty developed a mouth which allowed him to convey as much emotion as his three other friends.
  • This was Sooty's very first animated series.
  • This was the first appearance of the current Sooty logo. 
  • Sooty's Amazing Adventures background scene and theme tune was used for the opening title, "Calling All Toddlers."