Sooty's Busy Christmas

Nick Bigsby


Charles Warren


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Richard Cadell
Bernie Clifton and
Oswald the Ostrich


Peter Jago
Judy Palmer
Richard Lockwood

Air date

December 26th, 1985

Previous episode

Super Star

Sooty's Busy Christmas is the Sooty Christmas Show of 1985.


It's Christmas Day and Sooty and the gang are exciting about all the things they are going to be doing.

After opening their presents, Matthew and Sooty play "Home is where the Heart is" on Matthew's new set of hand bells. Matthew feels rather emotional after that, so Richard Cadell the Magician comes along dressed as Father Christmas to cheer them up. Later Sooty starts to feel a bit upset when he thinks about all the children who will have to be spending Christmas in hospital instead of at home, so he and Matthew go to Great Ormund Street Hospital to cheer them up.

When Sooty and Matthew get home, Soo and Sweep are crying because all the tickets for the Bernie Clifton show are sold out and the Christmas party has not been organised. Luckily Sooty comes to the rescue with his new magic wand and magics them all into the audience of the show. Bernie Clifton also helps to get the Christmas party going instantly with his new magic balloon.




  • Even though the episode starts at about 4.00 in the morning, daylight instantly comes when the gang go to the kitchen a few minutes later.


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