Sooty's Elastic Tricks

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
John Seaton
Sallie Corbett

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Sooty's Elastic Tricks is the fifth episode of the second series of Sooty & Co.


Sooty's put Sweep's bone on some elastic so he can't take it and he's also tied elastic to Little Cousin Scampi's pot of red paint so he can't use it. Soo's running a nice warm bath, but the door keeps opening as Sooty and Little Cousin Scampi have tied elastic to it. Even Matthew's playing with elastic and firing pellets at his toy soldiers. Sooty and Little Cousin Scampi play another trick on Sweep tying elastic to his red jacket' so he cant walk very far. Sweep tries to have breakfast but keeps slipping away and ends up pulling the tablecloth on the floor

Matthew tells Sweep what Sooty and Little Cousin Scampi did and he gives him some elastic to play a trick on Sooty and Little Cousin Scampi. Mo wants to buy a hat, but it keeps slipping away as Sweep's tied to a piece of elastic and then she wants to buy some vases, but they break as they've been tied to some elastic as well. Soo starts screaming as Sooty's dangling from the ceiling, but Matthew's happy as Sooty's been given a taste of his own medicine. Soo finds its funny that Matthew wouldn't mind making a bungee jump, as she thinks he wouldn't dare, but he says he would so Matthew and Sooty do a bungee jump in the local park.


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