"So, as they say in France, adios amigos!"
— Mo
Splashing Out/
Plumbing the Depths

Alan R. Yardley


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Brenda Longman
as Mo
Shahid Malik


Brian Sandford
Peter Saxon
John Seaton

Air date

September 20th,

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Bubble Trouble

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Scrap Idea

Splashing Out, also known as Plumbing the Depths, is the third episode of series one of Sooty & Co.


There are problems with the plumbing at Sooty & Co. Scampi tries to rectify the problem, but only succeeds in making it worse. After buying some tools from Mo, Sooty and Sweep head up into the attic to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, outside, Matthew is have trouble with water himself when he gets caught in the rain, splashed with a big puddle, gets caught in range of a park sprinkler and falls in a lake.

Back in the attic, Sweep has made things worse so Sooty uses his magic wand to put the situation right. Unfortunately, Sooty's magic has made all of the water in the building "magical". Water starts to squirt from the shop counter, but Shahid Malik the magician arrives and sorts out all of their problems and even makes a water fountain appear by magic. Shahid likes the fountain so much that he buys it for twenty-five pounds. The gang celebrate their windfall until Scampi presents them with a water bill...



  • When Mo prods the ceiling and water pours down, her wig falls off.
  • Matthew appears to be completely dry after all of his soakings which take place outside.
  • Why would the park-keeper turn on the sprinklers if it is raining?
  • During one scene of Sooty and Sweep in the attic, Sweep partially comes off his puppeteer's hand. You can tell this because his right paw (viewer perspective) is left flailing and there is a lump which moves in Sweep's stomach (the puppeteer's thumb).





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Sooty & Co. - Plumbing the Depths

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