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"The Post Office; this is the place where you buy stamps and things like that, Sweep."
"Is that where you draw your old age pension?"
"I do not draw an old age pension yet.
— Sweep and Matthew outside a post office.


Start to Read

Tony Wise


Jacky Moini


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
Brenda Longman
Sallie Corbett

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 Start to Read is a VHS from the Learn with Sooty range.


Sweep is having trouble reading so Sooty, Soo and Matthew find different ways to teach him how. First Matthew introduces sweep to different sounds of letters of the alphabet and words that they start with. Then Matthew takes Sweep out doors to show him why it is important to read. Later Matthew sets Sooty and Sweep to spell there names and Soo to spell the word “panda”. Then Matthew reads Sooty, Sweep and Soo his story called “The boy who didn’t want to read”, the story of how “Ronnie Reed couldn’t read” and later decided to. Matthew then takes Sooty and Sweep to a school where Class 2W are learning how to read too.



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  • This release was also released on VCD.
  • This is Sooty's favourite Learn with Sooty video.
  • Mr. Sandford in "Ronnie Reed couldn't read" may be a reference to puppeteer Brian Sandford.


  • When Soo shouts at Sweep to "Buzz off" and he runs away, the set shifts as he flees.
  • After seeing so many straight and curved lines, Sweep would not have got the last curve wrong.
  • There is no evidence that Sweep has never got along with cats.
  • Why would Sweep need to wear wellies if he is just going to be sitting in Sooty's box?
  • Matthew should know if Sweep is friends with his own house pet.
  • When they first start spelling the characters names, you can just see Matthew’s sleeve under Sooty.
  • There’s not much difference in which way up the Letter S is.
  • Ronnie Reed is wearing shorts in the snow.
  • Sweep is learning how to read in this programme, even though he was previously able to write a letter to his family to come over to the house for a big get-together in the Sooty Show episode Sweep's Family. He was also able to write a song in Super Star.
  • During the scenes at the school, there is no sign of the teacher.
  • When Matthew writes "bye bye everybody" on the blackboard towards the end of the programme, he writes most of his Ys with a straight line at the bottom except for the first Y in "everybody" which he writes with a curved line at the bottom.