"I tell you something, it's a lot of years since I had a wet sheet on my bed!"
— Matthew
Sweep's Little Accidents

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Brenda Longman as


Brian Sandford
John Seaton
Sallie Corbett

Air date

24th October, 1994

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Sweep's Little Accidents is the eighth episode of the second season of Sooty & Co.


Sooty and Soo are looking for Sooty's water pistol because he's lost it and Sweep helps them as well. Soo wants to look in a cupboard but Sweep doesn't want her too and she finds an old scrunched up wet duvet cover. She realizes it's Sweeps cover and tells Sweep it was only an accident and she puts it in the washing machine. Matthew puts some flowers on his bed but knocks them all over his sheet, which gets wet. Sweep tells Matthew hes embarrassed about the wet bed, but Matthew thinks hes talking about his bed and then he realises later on whats happened and tells Sweep to drink less before he goes to bed so it won't happen again. Sweep still feels upset and goes to have a lie down, but thinks of different drinks and his beds wet again. Mo comes into the shop and takes off her shoes, but theres a puddle of water under her chair. Matthew asks Sweep if he caused the puddle under the chair, but he says he didn't and Sooty shows Matthew Sweeps wet duvet cover

Mo shows Sooty a collection of water pistols and Sooty ends up squirting Matthew with water with many different water pistols. He doesn't like any of them and goes off to find his own water pistol. He finds Little Cousin Scampi and his water pistol and it was under Sweeps bed all along, so he didn't wet the bed after all. Matthew finds out that a leaking pipe caused the puddle in the shop, so Sweep isn't embarrassed anymore. Everyone sings "Nobody's Perfect".




  • In the close-up of Matthew being squirted by the final water pistol that Mo demonstrates for Sooty, Matthew suddenly becomes a lot wetter (especially his hair) and his head changes position slightly.





Sweep's Little Accidents - Sooty & Co

Sweep's Little Accidents - Sooty & Co.

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