"Sooty's Security? My alarm bells are already ringing!"
— Richard

The Alarm System

Adrian Hedley
Jeremy Swan


Richard Cadell
Alex Skerrat
Wink Taylor


Richard Cadell

Guest Starring

John Shuttleworth as
Officer Shuttleworth


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Mandy Glass

Air date

September 13th,

Previous episode

The Souvenir Stall

Next episode

The Sports Day

The Alarm System is the eighth episode of the 2011 series of Sooty.


When Richard becomes concerned about security on the Park, it’s Sooty Security Services to the rescue. With a trip-wires and traps set, Sooty’s caravan has never been safer. But when the police arrive at the Park, could it be Richard who is caught red-handed?



  • Officer Shuttleworth does not carry the basic equipment required for a police officer such as handcuffs and a radio.
  • When Officer Shuttleworth asks about the money Richard's carrying, there is four pound coins, but later when they count the money there is seven pound coins.
  • £4 is not a lot of money.
  • Richard would've taken more then £9 if they were charging £1 a turn.
  • At the end when Officer Shuttleworth apprehends Richard, he comments on how much money he's got, but the money is in a piggy bank so how does he know how much money is inside?
  • After Sooty removes the paper from the wall while he was trying to stop the water, how does the water stop?
  • When we see Richard watching himself on the television, the Richard on the set is looking at a blank screen.
  • When Sweep demonstrates how to get about the kitchen without setting off the alarm, there are a few points when we see him touch the strings and the alarm does not go off.


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