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The New Poster

Jeremy Swan


Richard Cadell
Alex Skerrat
Wink Taylor


Richard Cadell


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Mandy Glass

Air date

November 8th, 2011

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The New Poster is the twenty-first episode of the 2011 series of Sooty.


Richard is set to lose his job if business doesn’t improve. Sooty and Sweep decide to make some new posters to advertise Slater’s Holidays, and this means tricking Richard into having his photograph at the worst possible moments. What will the guests think of the disastrous results?



  • The Sooty puppet on the business card Sooty hands to Richard, is an older model.
  • This is the second of the three few episodes in the series that has narrative, the other two being Down the Drain  and The Marching Band.


  • Sooty's camera and tripod appears to be floating in various scenes.
  • When Sweep first starts to fiddle with the lights, there is a man climbing out of the pool behind him. The man vanishes in the close-up shot.
  • When the light hits Sweep on the head, the light ends up facing forwards. In the next shot, the light is facing down.
  • When Richard falls in the pool, some people in the pool disappear whilst some appear.
  • In the close up of Richard and his ice-cream (after fetching the Flake), the ice-cream has decreased in size. It then returns to its normal size in the following shot.
  • None of the photos that appear on the posters are the same as the ones Sooty took.